Our Security Management services include:

* Managed CISO services – If your organization does not require a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or you may not have the appropriate resources to fulfill that function, Lark Group will provide you with CISO services your security management needs.
* Security Requirements Review and Gap Assessments– assessing applicable security laws, regulations, and contractual requirements and conduct a GAP Assessment to identify your current compliance and security state.

* Risk Assessments – In depth and detailed assessment of risk regarding your critical assets and the impact of threats and vulnerabilities on your corporate goals.

* Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) – based on ISO 27001 principles, Lark Group will implement and maintain a security management framework that has the right size and scope for your needs, while improving the existing and applying security best practices to adhere to ISO 27002.

* Security Program Review and Development – a thorough assessment of the state of your security systems, with recommendations for improvement or design a custom security program that secures your operation.

* Policies, Methodology and Procedures—the basis of a security program is the efficiency and effectiveness of security policies and procedures. Lark Group policy development methodology and experience assist you create, measure, and maintain the documentation you need.