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Regulation & Compliance


 Organizations handle sensitive information on a daily basis – whether personal information, critical infrastructure systems, financial information, intellectual property or sensitive government information – all of it is subject to laws and regulations for protecting that information. Meeting these standards enable organization to operate and to cooperate with international organizations and global commerce.

Lark group assists organizations in understanding the laws and regulations that they must follow to protect information, guide them through the compliance process including the risk assessment and risk management process, and help them to meet the standards requirements as well as be certified.
We can help you with your ISO 27001 accreditation (assessing your information security against the standard to helping you achieve certification to the ISO standards). We proudly hold a 100% success rate with all customers who have engaged us in helping them to achieve ISO certification.

Compliance project includes:

* Gap analysis against current ISMS
* Risk assessment, GDPR Compliance, CCPA
* Aligning your ISMS with ISO 27001
* Establishing a full procedure kit including Info-Sec policy and statement of applicability
* Implementation
* Internal audit
* Training

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