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Penetration tests

Pen-Test are performed from both external (remote) and internal (onsite) perspectives to assess common entry points into the environment (either Black-Box, White-Box or even Grey-Box). The following options are available:

* Network Level Testing – External and Internal infrastructure Penetration Tests. An infrastructure penetration test is a proven method of evaluating the security of your computing networks infrastructure weaknesses by simulating a malicious attacker from the outside world (internet) or as an internal authorized employee.

* Application Testing – Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing. Our company developed its own advance application cyber testing methodology and integrated it with OWASP methodology and WASC Threat Classification to include vast testing at the application level.

* Database Testing – Database integrity and ability to withstand security breach and tampering

IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management allows an organization to identify possible risks, reduce or mitigate those risks, allow for better decision making in regards to all risks, and strategic a plan, Effective IT risk management ensures that high priority risks are aggressively and cost-effectively managed, and that management at all levels is armed with the information required to make informed business-critical decisions.

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